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3 hrs Van-Tour across the Island CAD 40/person, USD 30/person

Walking Tours: CAD 35/hr. pp USD 25/hr.pp
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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sunday, Sunday….Beautiful Island Day

The bright sunshine became too tempting so I headed out to Herring Cove Beach. I took a lot of pictures and I will let them speak. Winter is a great time on Campobello Island.1-DSC_0577
1-DSC_05831-DSC_05861-DSC_05881-DSC_05911-DSC_05931-DSC_05981-DSC_06051-DSC_06151-DSC_0616           Lake Glensevern – frozen1-DSC_06171-DSC_06181-DSC_06191-DSC_06201-DSC_0621              High Tide and the water is nearly swallowing the entire beach.1-DSC_06241-DSC_0629        F.D.R. Cottage

Sunday, January 17, 2016

A Winter Day Spent On Campobello

A bright winter day is a great time to see and experience Campobello Island. The air is clear and like always fresh, maybe even a bit more fresh than in summer, at least it is a bit colder.
You can observe the fleet of fishing boats as they run out to catch scallops or when they come back home with a load of lobsters. Quite a show really!
1-DSC_0575                        Beautiful Town of Lubec, ME
Or you can undertake a nice walk along a lonely beach, returning through the troll-forest of Campobello Provincial Park.
1-DSC_0563 1-DSC_0574
And of course, we are always ready to take you on a grand tour with all the history and up-to-date information. If you are into photography, we know the best places where you can get your shots of a life time. We are more than happy to assist you with the choice of your best photo motive. Motel and Restaurants are open in Lubec. No waiting time at the border!
1-DSC_05271-DSC_0547 1-DSC_0520
Today, we took a walk out to Head Harbour Lightstation. What a view to see the beautiful buildings perched high on the rocks surrounded by snow.
1-DSC_0523 1-DSC_0525
And 2 fishing vessels were out on the water, one coming in with his catch, the other just running out to find the catch of the day. Have a look and then you call us to book your trip.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

When Campobello Was A Famous Tourist Resort

“Newport and Bar Harbour were attracting the wealthy who sought relief from the city’s oppressive heat and humidity and had both the time and resources to enjoy these new summer colonies. They were designed as exclusive havens for members of the upper classes and their social peers. Campobello met these criteria, but it was geographically more remote than the other resorts, and it was designed to be simpler and less formal. More emphasis was placed on the rural and rustic qualities of the island and less on elaborate homes and social pomp.These features distinguished Campobello from other retreats”.
Friars Bay
Above: Historic Picture showing the 2 hotels Tyn-y-Coed and Tyn-y-Maes
Below: Tyn-y-Coed
And that is as valid today as it was back in the heydays of the upper crust spending extended periods of summer on the island.