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Our van is picking you up at any place on Campobello and Lubec. We do custom private tours and groups are welcome.
Our "Step-on Guide Service" has been popular for bus groups as well as private tours and we continue offering this great way to see Campobello in 2019. Our guide will meet you at any location on Campobello Island and you will enjoy all sights and hear about our rich history. All standard tours will last about 3hrs. If you are in a Motor coach or are a motor coach operator, your tour will be shorter as coaches cannot access the Natural area of the Roosevelt Park.
Specialty tours, also in combination with Tours to St.Andrews can be tailored to your personal wishes.
Coming from the U.S. you will need your passport and please remember that Campobello is on Atlantic Time.
(Eastern Time+1hr.)
For reservations please call or email a day prior to your intended visit. Any later attempt to make a reservation may go unsuccessful as we might be on a tour just when you call.
Thanks for visiting and be welcome to the island.
2019 Rates:
3 hrs Van-Tour across the Island CAD 40/person, USD 30/person
Step-on Guide (joining you in your vehicle) CAD 30/hr, USD 20/hr.
Walking Tours: CAD 35/hr. USD 25/hr.
PRIVATE TOURS: Call for individual rates.
1-506 752 1901
1-207 263 6076
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Friday, September 2, 2016

From Fairbanks,AK To Campobello,NB

They are holding the record for the longest travel to Campobello this summer.
The Ellis’s arrived yesterday from Fairbanks,AK to do a tour of Campobello Island. They told us they to do a trip twice a year and have lived in Alaska for 20 years. Even though Mr. Ellis is from Tennessee originally, he loves mountains and snow and it seems that his wife is sharing his preference for a cool climate. The Ellis’s have been to Maine before but had never done the trip to Campobello Island. The tour was blessed with wonderful weather and they enjoyed every minute of their stay on Roosevelt’s “beloved island”.
We are wishing them a great time when they continue their trip through Maine.