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Sunday, April 24, 2016

A Trip To The Other Side

Crossing international borders, probably is the same for us as for you having breakfast every morning. Over the past three days I have been “on the other side” three times. Mostly these trips are connected to some errands, like getting gas (no gas station on Campobello) or getting some other supplies. So usually we have a real reason to go there. Today, it wasn’t much different, except that when returning from the gas station I kinda hunkered after driving down to West Quoddy State Park.
It’s a beautiful drive hugging the water’s edge. I also enjoy seeing the small houses strewn along the road, all of them blessed with a Million-Dollar-View. And if these houses would have been on the west coast, they would truly be Millions of Dollars worth. Out here, most houses sell for under $200,000. Their large lots are often reaching down to the beach.
The West Quoddy Lighthouse is still closed, which is nothing out of the ordinary this time of the year.
1-DSC_0060Campobello Island with Liberty Point and Sugar Loaf Rock

With Campobello Island to the North and the island of Grand Manan on the horizon, the views are magnificent. Today we have a strong Nor-Wester blowing down the Gulf of Maine, and very strong currents are swirling around the rocks.
Sail-Rock with Grand Manan in the background
Sail-Rock is one of the easiest to recognize as it seems to stretch its rocky sail to catch most of the wind. Farther out lies Ship-Wreck-Rock, lurking only inches under water and waiting for the unexperienced sailor to run his ship aground on the sharp-edged rocky surface.
1-DSC_0063From the lighthouse I walk along a quiet trail on top of the shoreline. Again I am taken by the grand views along this wild and untamed coast.
A wooden staircase gets me down to the beach, if such a term is really describing this shore. The stairs are ending on solid rock and one has to balance across it to really reach the rough gravel shore. A mother with her daughter comes down the stairs while I am figuring out how to configure my next shot up the coast. “What a beautiful day” she says and I am nodding “….but the wind is cold today”.
1-DSC_0066 1-DSC_0066-001
A “knoll-tree”
Sauntering back to my van I take another shot at the lighthouse. Soon it will be open for sightseeing again.
Looks like spring has finally sprung. After 2 days with temps reaching 70F and one day with much needed rain, we are down to cooler temps today.

1-DSC_0072None-the-less Daisies are blooming in protected spots and Forsythia is about ready to show off its bright yellow colour.
Also our lilac is developing thick green buds.
1-DSC_00731-DSC_0074 1-DSC_0077
Our ceramic ducks are again guarding our deck.

Have a great Sunday and thanks for stopping by.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Big Storm knocked Out Power After 14Hrs. it Is Restored But Trees Are Down, Chainsaws Are Going And We Have A High Surf.

It took almost 14 hours until the cutting crew from the DOT had removed all the trees which had fallen across the power line. The storm had hit Campobello last night with extreme gusts of up to 100km/h (62mph)
When we were checking out all around the island there were still low-hanging power lines a couple of spots.  The damage in the woods is substantial. One tree is still threatening to fall across the library building and a neighbour got 2 trees in his yard one stopping just short of his house, the other damaged his car.
Approaching the beaches we were met by an ear-deafening growl from the surf.1-DSC_0120
Even though we didn’t have a hurricane yesterday, the surf had reached all across the parking lot at Herring Cove leaving tons of seaweed in his wake. 
The surf was still high enough to make a walk along the beach impossible. In fact it reached all the way up to the grass.
The Bay of Fundy was still covered in white caps and the mist of the crashing waves was obscuring a clear view of the coast across. 
Even though a storm like this is causing a lot of damage, it also gives a mighty impression of the unleashed power of nature.
As the sky was clearing up and the sun broke through the contrast of the deep blue waters and the white caps was stunning.