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Friday, January 19, 2018

Campobello - A Winter-Wonder-Land In January

When it snows on Campobello the Island changes scapes. You wake up one morning, and you are greeted by a dark blue sky and a blinding white landscape, the blue sea contrasting in the background. It is a transformation which needs to be experienced. It is not often it happens, but when it does everybody is out and about. We went to the beach, then followed a forest trail finishing off with a visit to Head Harbour Lightstation. Our pics are only inspirations. They will never give you the full idea. For that, you gotta come here. The motel is available and at the recently established Sally Anne's Cafe in Lubec you can enjoy a great breakfast from 6am, if you are up that early. 

Another choice is the historic Peacock House B+B in Lubec. So why wait. Check it all out now...then come back in the summer. Our Island Tours are going on year-round. 
Give us a call at 
506-752 1901

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

The Storm And The Old Brine Shed

Just a few weeks ago I was writing about the Little Town across the border and its past history of fishing and fish processing.
1-20170904_141149One of the really old buildings from that time was the brine shed, built on pilings high above the water. Occasionally we have seen the water of the high tides reaching to the floor boards of the building. And I think most people realized that it would only be a matter of time until it would be gone.

Now it is gone, indeed.

It was the winter storm of the past days which “took care” of it. The pilings gave way and the entire building started floating freely.
1-Brine Shed                First landing in Lubec. FDR-Bridge in background

At first it settled on the beach in Lubec, but the next high tide floated it off. Under the bridge it went and then landed on the Canadian side below the highwater mark in the Roosevelt Campobello International Park.
1-DSC_0760-001There it sits, with a chimney of bricks and a lot of loose debris spread all around.
1-DSC_07631-DSC_0764Even a conveyer belt of steel followed with it.
It is sad that the old building where many people worked in the past, had to go this way.