Travel advisory: COVID-19 border measures for Campobello Islan

News release

June 12, 2020 Campobello Island, New Bruswick

The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) is committed to limiting the spread of COVID-19 in Canada, while facilitating trade and essential travel. Given this, the CBSA is reminding New Brunswickers that travelling to and from Campobello Island through the United States (U.S.) is international travel and constitutes exiting Canada. To gain re-entry into Canada, travellers must report to a CBSA port of entry.

The temporary restriction on all discretionary travel at the Canada-U.S. border has been extended until June 21, 2020. All travel of an optional or discretionary nature, such as tourism and recreation, is covered by these measures.

While Canadian citizens, permanent residents, and Registered Indians under the Indian Act continue to enter Canada by right, they remain subject to COVID-19 entry screening measures and must comply with the mandatory 14-day requirement to quarantine or isolate if not exempt.

Exemptions to quarantine and isolation requirements are currently in place to ensure that critical infrastructure, essential services and economic supply chains continue between Canada and the U.S. Exemptions are also in place for residents of Campobello Island who are asymptomatic and must cross the border on a day-to-day basis for work, or to obtain essential goods and services. These exemptions do not apply to residents of mainland New Brunswick who wish to visit Campobello Island.

Travellers are required to wear a non-medical mask or face covering upon entry to Canada and while in transit to isolation or quarantine, unless the mask or face covering needs to be removed for security or safety reasons. Travellers presenting symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be referred to a Public Health Agency of Canada staff member for further assessment.

Come see us on Campobello!
Our van is picking you up at any place on Campobello and Lubec. We do custom private tours and groups are welcome.
Specialty tours, also in combination with Tours to St.Andrews can be tailored to your personal wishes.
Coming from the U.S. you will need your passport and please remember that Campobello is on Atlantic Time.
(Eastern Time+1hr.)
For reservations please call or email a day prior to your intended visit. Any later attempt to make a reservation may go unsuccessful as we might be on a tour just when you call.
Thanks for visiting and be welcome to the island.
2020 Rates:
3 hrs Van-Tour across the Island CAD 40/person, USD 30/person

Walking Tours: CAD 35/hr. pp USD 25/hr.pp
All prices add 15%tax
PRIVATE TOURS: Call for individual rates.
1-506 752 1901
1-207 263 6076
Useful information on crossing our border to the United States: LINK

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Saturday, December 17, 2016


The Beauty of FROZEN

It’s another week to Christmas and Campobello experiences two cold days in a row. A strong wind, almost a full storm, is blowing in from the North-West. At the same time the day temperature hovers around 5F, which wouldn’t make me freeze so bad if it wasn’t for the wind chill of minus 29F which I feel straight through several layers of winter clothing. Frost smoke also called ice fog is drifting in from the water. The wind beats it into the trees leaving a heavy layer of frosting on every little branch.
I am in my van and I am watching the beach. Across from me is the late afternoon sun setting behind Friar’s Head. Reluctant to fully roll down the side window, I snap off a picture through a small gap. It’s wild out there. Wild and cold.
1-DSC_0800When I am done, I drive over to Mulholland Light. But now the sun is already behind the town. Lubec appears in a cold bluish light. We are in the middle of low tide and the water rushes through the channel. The seals are still there, right below me in the cold water, waiting for fish coming by.


1-DSC_0803Fishing vessels appear almost like embedded in cotton wool. Not much traffic across the International bridge.


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